FACS Aria III Training

FACS Aria III Training


Per Hour

Training on the BD Aria III flow cytometer (BD Bioscience) is provided on a per hour basis, and is required prior to independent use of the instrument. Investigators needing only occasional use are encouraged to have our staff run samples for you.


Non-UNC Users
Please note that UNC requires that an additional percentage for overhead be charged to the base rate for external sales. Please contact us for pricing.


Service Description

Training typically consists of a 2-hour classroom session and then at least two 5-hour sessions on the instrument. The fee is per person. The user will learn some theory around flow cytometry and cell sorting, and also how to run the Aria III FACS (BD Biosciences). The user is expected to do a lot of reading on their own between the classroom and instruments sessions. Due to limited time, training touches upon but does not focus on the numerous techniques used in flow cytometry such as cell cycle analysis, immunophenotyping, redox state, etc. The user interested in a particular technique will have to research the best strategies for their system, and we will provide guidance.

The Aria III is equipped with blue (488 nm), green (561 nm), red (633 nm) and violet (405 nm) lasers with 11 detectors that can measure up to 10 colors simultaneously. We are currently unable to run un-fixed human or primate cells as the Aria III instrument is not in a BSL2+ facility.


Standard Operating Procedures

FACS Aria Sorting -Standard Operating Procedures


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Metabolic Molecular Phenotyping Core-Kannapolis Facilities
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