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2023 Student Research Symposium Awardees

Join us in congratulating the following award winners from the 2nd Annual UNC NORC Student Research Symposium held on Wednesday, April 12, 2023. Four prizes of $250 each were awarded in the following categories: best undergraduate student poster, best undergraduate student oral presentation, best graduate student poster, and best graduate student oral presentation.

Maliha Bhuiyan
Best Undergraduate Student
Poster Presentation
“An Assessment of Client Satisfaction of Antenatal Care Visits Based on Primary Health Facility Type in Zambia”
UNC NORC Sponsor: Stephanie L. Martin, PhD
Co-Authors: Patricia Sakala, Mathews Onyango, John Manda, Mike Mwanza, Agnes Aongola,
Mary Pat Selvaggio, Edna Berhane, Stephanie Martin, Wilbroad Mutale


Kirti Patel
Best Undergraduate Student
Oral Presentation
“Daily Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption Results in Hedonic Targeting of its Associated Brands:
A Randomized Controlled Trial”
UNC NORC Sponsor: Kyle S. Burger, PhD, MPH, RD
Co-Authors: Afroditi Papantoni, Grace Shearrer, Kyle Burger


Kylie Reed
Best Graduate Student
Poster Presentation
“Comparison of Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in the Assessment of Body Composition
in Women with Anorexia Nervosa upon Admission and Discharge from an Inpatient Specialist Unit”
UNC NORC Sponsor: Ian M. Carroll, PhD
Co-Authors: Afrouz Abbaspour, Christopher Hubel, Emily C. Bulik-Sullivan, Quyen Tang, Cynthia M. Bulik, Ian M. Carroll

Caitlin Martinez
Best Graduate Student
Oral Presentation
“An Experimental Approach to Weight Loss Prescription: Are Participant Choice & Weight Loss Related??
UNC NORC Sponsor: Deborah Tate, PhD
Co-Authors: Karen Hatley, Kristen Polzien, Molly Diamond, Deborah Tate